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Finding the best and trusted Packers and Movers in Bangalore that claim to offer quality service is a challenging job as there is a wide range of service providers present in the location. But Parshuram Packers and Movers is one of the most trusted companies in the field of packing and moving as they offer quality service to their clients and you can easily contact them via their website or through their contact number. 

If you are concerned about their services then you can visit their website where you will find all the details regarding the company with the past performance you can also read the reviews placed by the customer to get a clear idea about the service provider.

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We follow the professional process to deliver the best services with 100% safe & secure.

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You can get customized services and that also within your budget. Our wide plethora of services are sure to satisfy you to the utmost.

Local Moving

The domestic shifting process is very well organized and systematized.


loading and unloading parcels by yourself are very difficult.

Commercial Relocation

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Storage service is very important when you arrive late to your new destination.

Corporate Relocation

We also provide you additional industrial good services.


We provides storage services then it will reduce half of the burden of the client.

International Moving

These Companies charge a reasonable price for their International Services.

Bike Relocation

We provide your car and bike relocation services according to your needs.

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Our 24*7 support team help you to know the your moving location and all inquiry.

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We make all the setups properly so that the relocation takes place properly without any kind of hazard.

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We make all the setups properly so that the relocation takes place properly without any kind of hazard.

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Price of Parshuram Packers and Movers

The cost and price of hiring Parshuram Packers and Movers are depended upon the kind of services rendered by them or the kind of services you want from them. To find out the correct estimation of the cost of the company is not an easy task even sometimes you will find out that there is a huge difference between the estimation and the actual cost of moving. The price of the company is dependent upon the quality of services offered by them. If they offer additional services then their cost is more as compared to the normal services they provided. If you are concern about your belongings which you are going to move from your current location to the desired location then it is advisable to hire the trusted Packers and Movers and in this regard, Parshuram packers and mover is one of the most renowned companies in this field which offer safe moving of your belongings without any hassle.

Services provided by Parshuram Packers and Movers

When you are planning to shift your home or office anywhere in India, it is not an easy task. Because International relocations are most difficult than domestic shifting. Moving to any place requires lots of time and power. In this regard, Parshuram Packers and Movers solve all your problem of moving because the main priority of this company is to ensure you stress-free relocation. Parshuram Packers and Movers will provide you before and after moving services. These companies provide additional services with moving services like plant and tree relocation services, pet relocations services, cargo services, insurance services,  building relocations services, office locations services, industrial goods relocations services, and loading and unloading services following are the additional services provided by Parshuram Packers and Movers:

Plant and tree relocation

It is not easy to keep all your plants and tree with you when you are moving to your new destination. Plants and tree relocation enhance the beauty of the garden of your new location. Make your new home looks like heaven. It is difficult to move to your new location without the plants and trees which you have grown in your old home garden. Parshuram Packers and Movers solve this problem by providing additional plants and trees relocation services. This company helps you in transplanting the plant to your new location. This company uses healthy pesticides to protect the plant from bacteria and insects.

Pet services

When you are moving and if you have pets like dogs and cats then your moving is more complicated. Because it is not easy to move with cats and dogs. Parshuram Packers and Movers will provide you additional pet relocating services. The most important priority of the company to relocate pets with extra care and precaution safely to your new destination. This company will not give any trouble to your pets during the journey. Without giving any scars to your pet they comfortably deliver your pet to your new home. They also feet your pets during the journey to make them feel comfortable.

Customer care services.

When relocating to your new home from Bangalore number of thoughts arise in the mind and this quick customer care service helps you in clearing all the doubts in your mind. Parshuram Packers and Movers provide you additional quick customer care services. They follow all your instruction while moving your luggage. They provide customer support service all the time till goods reach your destination. This company updates you all the time about the process of transportation.

Cargo shipping services

Parshuram Packers and Movers provide you additional cargo shipping services. Cargo shipping services handle all the goods with care and safety. This company contains all the documents related to consignment tracking and custom facilities. Cargo shipping services are the most affordable means of transportation services across the globe. And also provide receive of the inventory load in the cargo.

Parcel services

Parshuram Packers and Movers also provide additionals parcel service. The company offers effective parcel services. They deliver your parcel anywhere in India with safety and care at right time at the right place destination. This company charges the price of parcels according to the distance and weight of the parcels. This company pick your parcel from your door and deliver it to the doorstep of your destination.

Industrial good services

Parshuram Packers and Movers also provide you additional industrial good services. Industrial good services are quite different from home relocations. The size and quantity of industrial courts are too heavy as compared to home goods. Industrial goods include the large size of machinery, products, big chair, computers, conference tables, and many more. It is not easy for anyone to relocate industrial goods. These packers and movers in Bangalore will help you in relocating all the industrial goods with care and safety in a convenient way.

Insurance services

Packers and Movers provide additional insurance services to the customer. Insurance services are very important to recover the cost from the company if any damage happens to your articles due to accidental natural calamities. The main priority of the packers and movers is to satisfy the customer and for the satisfaction of the customer moving Insurance of good is very important. Parshuram Packers and Movers provide you to full coverage insurance services, it means this company covers all the loss that happens due to the natural calamities.

International service

Nowadays businesses expand worldwide. Many companies have transferred their offices abroad. It is not easy to relocate your office internationally. International shifting required use challenges and difficulty it is not possible for a company to easily relocate their office abroad. Packers and movers in Bangalore solve this problem by providing additional International safety facilities. This company transfers all your goods and belongings anywhere in the world with safety and care. The Company ensures safe delivery of go to your destination. The charge of the international shifting of Packers and Movers is affordable as compared to the charge of a competitor. These Companies charge a reasonable price for their International Services.

Warehousing services.

When you are hiring Parshuram Packers and Movers then a company must also provide you additional storage services. The company provides storage services then it will reduce half of the burden of the client. All the goods and belongings are stored properly in the warehouse under the supervision of the professionals. This company hires security guards for the protection of the goods in warehouses. Storage service is very important when you arrive late to your new destination then moving services company. Then these companies safely store all your goods till you arrive at your new destination.

Loading and unloading services

loading and unloading parcels by yourself are very difficult. It is very difficult to load the big and bulky luggage on the transportation. This problem solves by the Parshuram Packers and Movers. This company provides additional loading and unloading services. This company unloads all your luggage from the trucks to your new destination. They ensure you safely loading and unloading of the luggage.

Cars and bike transportation

Parshuram Packers and Movers provide your car and bike relocation services according to your needs. This company offers car and bike relocation services at reasonable rates. This company offers fast delivery of cars and bikes and other vehicles to your new destination.  The Company uses a trailer for the transportation of cars and bikes to your doorsteps. Company design carriage of trucks especially by keeping in mind the safety of cars and bikes. All the process of cars and bike relocation by Packers and Movers in Bangalore is performed under the supervision of experts.

Domestic Shifting:

The domestic shifting process is very well organized and systematized. Every packing is done in front of the customer’s eye. The following steps are involved:

  1. They have developed a quick easy way to reach out to them. You just have to call or click on the link. They will write down your details and then transferred them to their office executive.
  2. Then they will ask you to fix the date. They will meet you at the desired time and place as per your availability. They will estimate the cost and will give you the date for the shift. They will even brief you about the work.
  3. When the confirmation is done they will provide you with the quotation.
  4. The packing supervisor will contact you and with all the essential elements that will cover up your belongings. The fragile elements are covered with multilayer packing so that they stay safe and secure.
  5. After this the transportation system comes into action. This does not take a lot of time. They try to work very quickly.
  6. There is a helpline desk which will provide you with the tracking of your belongings as and when you require them.
  7. When the product is reached to them, they keep it safely for 24 hours without charging any extra cost.
  8. If the customer faces any grievances or grudges against their service, then customer care is always available for them. They settle the disputes without taking much time.

Things affecting the cost of moving

In the early days, it was difficult to shift from one place to another as a lot of hustle and bustle takes place. it was very difficult to transfer our luggage and materials from one destination to another. But Packers and movers made everything easy. All the packers and movers present in Bangalore, Parshuram Packers, and Movers are honest, trustworthy, systematic, and well-organized. They worked according to the guidelines terms and conditions provided by the customers. the first day will visit your place a day before your work to be done estimate the price look the details and then tell you about the price day will charge. after that packaging team will arrive and they will pack your belongings with multilayer packing so that your products and belongings remain safe. Then the transportation team will make the process further to the transferring of your good from one place to another. Will then be sharing the tracking code with you so that you can track your belongings and check the delivery of your products. Parshuram Packers and Movers ensures customer satisfaction. Once the product is delivered to the desired place they will ask you for feedback.

All the packers and movers in Bangalore have different price structures. We think that they maintain standard pricing and it is fixed for everyone but this is not true it varies from one packer and mover to another. It depends upon various parameters like infrastructure, the volume of goods, and the distance involved in a network of movers, packing of materials, and overall service. When you hire the reputed ones which have the brand value the cost increases. But when we hire someone who is not as reputed as the big ones then the cost decreases. Following are some of the factors that affect your cost of moving.

Cost of truck

The cost of the truck is also a factor that affects the cost of moving from the current location to the desired location. The charge of the truck depends based on the shared truck or the dedicated truck. The cost of a shared truck is less as compared to the cost of a dedicated truck. The dedicated truck has its advantage as the delivery of goods in the dedicated truck is fast as compared to the shared truck. In the shared truck, there is no guarantee of the delivery of goods within the committed time because the truck will move only when the truck is filled with the goods completely.

Value-added services

Parshuram Packers and Movers will offer you different services and for these, they charge extra fees. If you ask them to disassemble all your electrical appliances and unpack the boxes and arrange them in your new house then they will charge you more than normal rates. If your budget for moving is low then you will not ask them to unpack your boxes and arrange them in your wardrobe. Because extra the services they offer extra the fees they will charge. Simply, the higher the service higher will be the cost.

Premium quality of packing material

The type quantity and quality of packing material are used by parshuram Packers and Movers also affect the cost of moving. If the packers and movers use the premium quality of the packing material for packing your boxes then they will charge you more. The packing charge will also depend upon the value and nature of the item. If the items are expensive and delicate then good quality packing material is required for packing the product. For packing durable products economical packing material is used then the cost of packing is also low. But the high quality of packing material helps you to prevent your goods from any damage. Packing charges are also added to the cost of moving.

Road tax and GST-

Road tax in GST is the most important factor that affects the cost of moving. When you are shifting from one state to another state at the border of the state you have to pay some Road tax. In the total moving cost, they also add the amount of GST paid by them.

Weight of the belongings

The total weight of the item is included in the calculation of the moving cost. The weight and quantity of the belongings are the cost of moving. Therefore you must donate all your unnecessary stuff to reduce the weight of moving. The big size of luggage increases the weight of belongings. Weight of the belonging this factor that affects the cost of  moving

Decreasing the volume of goods:

When you are planning to shift your belongings from one place to another, list down all the items that you want to shift. Don’t include things that you are not using currently, or are unusable, or those which you will not use shortly. If you will decrease the volume of your goods you will be charged less. Not only your price will be reduced but also you will get rid of unwanted products.

Move your belongings during the odd season:

Every business has its odd season. Usually, Packers and mover’s odd season starts from August and stretches to December. When you schedule your move in an odd season, you will see that prices are reduced because of a lot of competition, and the low market operates at that time. You will easily get your service at surprising rates.

Compare moving quotation.

One of the most important things to do to reduce the costs of moving to compare moving quotations. The quotation of all the moving companies not similar. Their quotations depend upon your requirements. While comparing the quotation of moving company it is also important to check the reputation of moving company. It doesn’t mean the cheapest moving company quotations will deliver your belongings at the proper time.

Exchange your coins-

when your kids have lots of coins in their Piggy Bank then there is no sense in moving with this heavy Piggy Bank. This piggy bank increase the weight of the quantity therefore it is better for you to cut the cost exchange these coins in the form of big cash.

For refrigerator use an original box if you have-

A simple way to cut down the cost is to use the original boxes of the electronic appliances if you have this will reduce the cost of the packing and also protect your electronic appliances. You don’t need to pay the extra charges to the moving company for these electronic boxes also pack the item on the boxes of Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra this will also reduce the cost of moving.

Benefits of hiring Parshuram Packers and Movers

There is lots of advantage of hiring Parshuram Packers and Movers and they are as follows.

  • Save time and energy- Moving to the new destination is a tiring process it involves a lot of time but by hiring a relocation company you can save your time as their expert in their job and save a lot of your time while moving.
  • Provide security- Packers, and Movers in Rohini will provide security of all your belongings.
  • Make your location Trouble-free-The Packers and Movers work hard to handle all the processes of moving is mostly to ensure you Trouble-free moving.
  • Warehouse facility- Packers and Movers provide you safe storage of goods of the customer by providing what warehousing facility.